Customer solutions


The right tools for producing quality

"I’d recommend MA-Tech conveyors for any company."

Joni Rintala
Factory Service Manager, Kaskea Machinery

Kaskea Machinery offers machining and steel expertise, focusing on subcontracting. In the field of chip conveyors, MA-Tech has been a reliable partner for Kaskea for a long time.

Kaskea's production facilities utilize several MA-Tech chip conveyors. The original conveyors of the older machines have been replaced, and for the newer machines a MA-Tech conveyor was selected already at the time of purchase. Tools play a major role in producing quality.

"Quality is important to us and our goal is to buy only high-quality machines. We have found MA-Tech's conveyors to be good and suitable for us. We are very satisfied with the conveyors and will continue to order our conveyors from MA-Tech," says Joni Rintala.


Quick help in a problem situation

MA-Tech's rapid response to maintenance needs brings significant benefits to the customer.

"In addition to quality, MA-Tech's main focus has been on smooth collaboration and accessibility. When we needed service, it was quickly available. Recently, one of our chip conveyors broke down when a tool fell under the conveyor mat. We called MA-Tech, and it took no time for the conveyor to be repaired running again.


The conveyor as an enhancer of automation 

Valukumpu Oy is a company specializing in plastic injection molding, stamping of metal products and customer-oriented assembly solutions, founded in Outokumpu in 1979. Today, Valukumpu operates as part of the Ouneva Group, an international industrial contract manufacturer.


Today, Valukumpu's operations are centralized at the Joensuu plant, where a new automation unit was also established in 2018. The automation unit, consisting of designers, programmers and installers, is headed by Petri Majoinen, who has more than 30 years of experience in the automation industry. The purpose of automation projects is to cut down extra work steps, increase production efficiency and at the same time improve the competitiveness of the entire company. Conveyors play an important role in automation. 

3D models support automation design

The first MA-Tech conveyors were introduced at Valukumpu in connection with the establishment of the automation unit a few years ago. Petri Majoinen says he is satisfied with MA-Tech's service concept. “Dimensions and 3D models of conveyors are available from MA-Tech really quickly, which is very important today for automation design. With the help of 3D models, the conveyors can be integrated smoothly in the automation,” says Majoinen.

“The advantage of working with MA-Tech is that they quickly provide an accurate plan of what is being done. In this way, the entire automation project can move forward quickly – and success is much more likely,” Majoinen summarizes.

Conveyors streamline production and internal logistics 

Over the past three years, MA-Tech has delivered almost 40 conveyors to Valukumpu's Joensuu plant. Conveyors are used in box changers, in the packaging of cleanroom production parts, and as part of automatic part handling and assembly lines.


Most of the conveyors operate in box changers for injection molding machines. “We have injection molding machines that have not had any box changes or automation at all. In addition, we have also invested in new injection molding machines, alongside which a new box replacement solution has been built. So it can be said that with the help of conveyors, we have made the old injection molding machine more efficient and at the same time created something new,” Majoinen describes. 

Prompt service and reliable delivery 

Majoinen says that the cooperation between Valukumpu and MA-Tech has been going well. “MA-Tech has a solid service and responds quickly to contacts. They will quickly provide you with an offer and the necessary plans, including 3D models. The conveyors have been delivered to us when promised – despite today's global shortage of components,” Majoinen praises. 



Quick solution for an international need

The MAKER-10 chip conveyor became a solution for Aqua Clean's industrial washing machine to be sent to the United States

"MA-Tech is an important partner for us"

Jari Lähteenmäki

Technical Director, Aqua Clean


Aqua Clean Oy is the largest manufacturer of industrial washing machines in the Nordic countries, supplying washing machines to the aerospace, railway, automotive and engineering industries worldwide. The company has large customers in the United States, China and Asia, for example.


When Aqua Clean ordered its first chip conveyor from MA-Tech in early 2019, the situation was critical. An urgent order had come from the United States, but the old equipment supplier was unable to deliver a conveyor fast enough. It was necessary to quickly find a new, reliable and fast supplier who is UL approved and can therefore also manufacture machines to meet North American requirements.


”“I found MA-Tech by googling, and I gave them a ring at about five o’clock on Friday. I said I needed a chip conveyor urgently, as soon as within 6–7 weeks. MA-Tech gave an offer the very next week, and the delivery time for the chip conveyor was given only 4–5 weeks. The price was considerably better than what was budgeted for, so it was a clear choice,” recalls Jari Lähteenmäki, Technical Director of Aqua Clean.


MAKER – the best partner for a machine manufacturer

A suitable chip conveyor was found in Ma-Tech's MAKER line of chip conveyors, which are always tailored to the customer's dimensions. They are suitable for machine tools that use cutting fluid. MA-Tech's MAKER-10 chip conveyor was chosen for Aqua Clean. From the base model, a solution was adapted for the customer that fit in the best possible way with both Aqua Clean's main machine and the end customer's operating environment. Aqua Clean washing machines come into demanding and consuming industrial use, and since the chip conveyor becomes part of Aqua Clean's machinery, its quality is paramount.
”Everything went great, and the machine left for the end customer on time. We have already ordered two more machines, and a fourth order is coming. We have always been well served at MA-Tech. You can always reach them, the work is precise, the quality is good and the machines are always on time. MA-Tech is an important partner for us and it has been easy to work with them. Customization also works great with global specs. We give the main dimensions of the machine and the number of chips, and then they make an offer very quickly,” says Lähteenmäki.