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The conveyor you need
doesn’t just roll off an assembly line.

We make conveyors that can handle anything – from 10 grams to 100 tons.

Your one-stop-shop for
a streamlined service experience


A conveyor system that is specifically designed to fit your needs works better and lasts longer.


We manufacture our own conveyors. Our quality control ensures you get what you ordered.


A custom-designed conveyor system installs quickly and correctly.


Our in-house maintenance service guarantees a quick solution to any problem.

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"I'd recommend MA-Tech conveyors for any company"

Joni Rintala, Factory Service Manager, Kaskea Machinery
Customer Solutions

Kaskea Machinery offers machining and steel expertise, focusing on subcontracting. MA-Tech has been a reliable partner for Kaskea for a long time, as a supplier of chip conveyors.

MA-Tech kuljettimet

The right conveyor is worth its weight in gold.

But it doesn’t have to be as expensive. 


Our mode of operation is unique. It allows us to provide custom solutions at a cost-effective price. A satisfied customer is what keeps us going.