Conveyors by application

We manufacture conveyors, for example, for the efficient handling of chips and piece goods.

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Conveyors by structure type

We manufacture many types of conveyors.

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Conveyor manufacturer

Finnish conveyor manufacturer – Finnish conveyors

We are interested in customer-oriented service, listening to you and taking your needs into account, including the minor ones.

In our operating model, we map the customers’ needs on location and ensure that all the aspects are covered. This is how we can propose the most functional and cost-efficient solution for each application and ensure customer satisfaction in the best possible way.

Our operations include conveyor design, manufacture, installation and service.

Do you have the need to enhance or renew the conveyor technology in your production?

Whatever needs or challenges you may face in your production, we are interested in hearing about them and thinking together how we could achieve the best possible outcome. We have specialised in the manufacturing of custom-made conveyors and their accessories.

Tell us about your problem – we will solve it!

We will customise your conveyor on the basis of our models, and when necessary, design a wholly new conveyor or device without design expenses. This is how we can cost-efficiently meet your conveyor needs.

Owing to our flexible company structure, we are able to quickly react to the varying needs of our customers. We have the skills and know-how to realise even the most demanding conveyor and manipulators even as turnkey solutions.

All of our products go through a test and R&D process where the products are fine-tuned to perfection.

We have been manufacturing conveyors for more than 10 years.

Contact us! We are happy to tell you more.

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