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Owing to the expertise and high quality and customisability of MA-Tech Oy's products, the service can be offered to several industries. We have manufactured conveyors for:

  • Metal industry. In this industry, our products are known for the transport of products and waste, for example. Many of our product families are in use in the metal industry.
  • Chemical industry. Chemical industry is our specialty. We have delivered several belt conveyors for the transport of injection moulding objects, and our PLATTA products offer the most suitable conveyors for various needs.
  • Food industry. In this industry, our customers use, among others, belt conveyors which can be manufactured from different kinds of materials. The conveyor mats which are used all have FDA approval.
  • Bulk materials handling. We offer troughed belt conveyors that are capable of handling hundreds of tons of products per hour when necessary. All of our conveyors have been designed for specific purposes.

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MAKER and WECO chip conveyors

PLATTA belt conveyors

ALUMI Metal apron conveyors