WECO bull chain conveyor

For chipping machine tools and loose materials

WECO bull chain conveyors are equipped with a drag chain and steel frame. The drag chain type structure of WECO bull chain conveyor means that the material is pulled along with an abrasion resistant plate located at the bottom of the conveyor.

WECO bull chain conveyors are meant for chipping machine tools in the machining industry where the chips of the machined product are really tiny or powder-like. Therefore, WECO bull chain conveyors are ideal for the handling of bulk, such as powder or cut.

WECO product family

The WECO product family consists of models WECO-10, WECO-20 and WECO-30 with a minimum twofold capacity increase between the models. The space available and material stream contribute to the selection of the conveyor model.

WECO-10 A versatile bull chain conveyor for chip and cut handling.

WECO-20 A medium-weight bull chain conveyor for chip and cut handling.

WECO-30 A heavy-duty bull chain conveyor for chip and cut handling.

We deliver conveyors ranging from small CNC machine tools to large transport of materials for the needs of power plants and harbours. We can also provide you with a turnkey solution if you wish. The conveyor can be equipped with cutting fluid basins including their pumps and engorgements.

The other dimensions of the bull chain conveyor are fully customisable without additional cost so that in any situation and even in the case of rare machines, they could be provided with the best possible solution.

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