BULCO troughed belt conveyor

For high-capacity transport of loose materials

The BULCO conveyor product family calls for the need of handling huge masses of material. We manufacture troughed belt conveyors, for example, for the handling of bulk. Owing to their modular structure, BULCO troughed belt conveyors are versatile devices applicable for many purposes.

We offer the BULCO troughed belt conveyors with the desired capacity having both the conveyor width and belt speed scalable. The transportation capacity of the conveyor ranges from hundreds of kilos to hundreds of thousands of kilos.

We deliver the BULCO conveyors both individually and as entire plant systems as turnkey solutions. Typically, however, the BULCO conveyor deliveries are large. We map the customers’ needs on location and ensure that all aspect are covered.


  • Harbours
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Heating plants

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