Roller conveyors


For the handling of pallets and unit loads 


The RULCO product family includes a freely functioning roller track in which the piece to be moved moves gravitationally or pushed by an external force. The roller conveyor is, as the name suggests, a conveyor with electric motor use. Both of the products of the RULCO family have a similar modular structure. Owing to this, the RULCO products are truly versatile.


We offer the RULCO roller carriage track and roller conveyor with the capacity you need. The amount, width and speed of the rollers are all scalable. The RULCO products can also be manufactured as arched versions, which enable reaching the desired direction of motion.


We deliver the RULCO conveyors both individually and as entire plant systems as turnkey solutions. 


The dimensions of the products are fully customisable without additional cost. In this way, a functioning solution is found for all needs and situations.  



  • Process lines 
  • Warehouses 
  • As part of a machine 


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