Plastic apron conveyors

PLAMI unit load conveyor 

For the handling of unit loads  


PLAMI conveyors are equipped with a plastic mat and steel frame. The PLAMI unit load conveyor is designed for various unit load handling targets where the material to be transported is often simple, such as cardboard boxes or plastic packages. 


We can deliver the PLAMI conveyors with the capacity you wish to have, the mat width and speed being the scalable factors. The conveyors can also be manufactured as arched versions, which enable reaching the desired direction of motion. 


We deliver unit load conveyors both individually and as entire plant systems as turnkey solutions. 


The dimensions of the products are fully customisable without additional cost. This way, we can guarantee that the best possible solution is found for any problem and need. 



  • Process lines 
  • As part of a machine 


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